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The Main Causes

Many factors contribute to the damage and breakdowns of your aircon systems. Being aware of the
aggravating factors can help you understand and help extend the lifespan of your aircon systems

List of causes

  • 1

    The inner fan coil is dirty resulting in weak dissipation of cool air

  • 2

    Clogged drain pipe results in water leakage

  • 3

    Problems might occur when electrical power is not supplied well to the air condition system

  • 4

    The outdoor condenser is dirty hence it is incapable of producing cooling refrigerant

  • 5

    A foul smell would emit from the air conditioning system when bacteria areformed by microbes in the warm dark humid environment in the indoor fan coil unit

  • 6

    Slime is produced from the dirty cooling coil caused by congestion in the air conditioning, drain piping hence, resulting in the problem of water leakage