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The CE Difference

With so many aircon repair services available, it’s difficult to know which choice is right for you.
Find out what makes CE different from the others.

  • 1

    Technical support

    Quick response to breakdowns

  • 2

    Reliable & Trusted

    Operating for 13 years, we prioritize the health of our clients and advocate efficient cleaning solutions, rather than a quick fix for instant solutions that puts your safety, health and long term results at risk.

  • 3

    Advanced technique and technology

    At CE, our technique and technology used to administer the services are of top standards to provide you maximize results.

  • 4

    Customized solutions

    We recognize the needs of our clients and that not all problems are the same. With the experience and skills, we are able to create customized solutions that optimize the results of your aircon systems.

  • 5


    Aircon servicing and maintenance are known to come with a large price tag. But not anymore. CE Engineering offers clients an effective and customizable service with maximized results. Due to the values and mission of the company, we strive to keep prices affordable without compromising quality and results.

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