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5 DIY Myths on Aircon systems

Many theories and myths about repairing the aircon exist, but how many of them are true?

  • Myth 1 : Vacuuming the aircon system can remove the dust particles stuck in the vent.

    Truth : Simple vacuuming of the aircon system cannot remove microscopic bacteria and fungus living in the air vents. Prolong vacuuming is not recommended as it might damage the internal aircon system.

  • Myth 2 : If you’re not trained, we don’t advise DIY fixing.

    Truth : As easy as it sounds, fixing parts of your central air conditioning system might not be a simple task. Seek professionals or specialist as it is unsafe without proper equipments.

  • Myth 3 : Your window or portable air condition unit performs the same no matterwhere you installed it.

    Truth : Location is important when it comes to efficiency. Try installing it in a shaded or cooler areas as direct heat can negatively impact the efficiency of the cooling system.

  • Myth 4 : Changing the filter in your unit system often is a waste of money

    Truth : Monthly checks or frequent change of filter is recommended as a dirty filter can be the cause of higher electrical bills and bad efficiency in producing cleaner and cooler air. Monitor the filters weekly and replace them when they discolor on the side facing the evaporator coil. On the side of the filter facing the duct the dust should appear gray and ashy. If the dust build-up is thick enough to conceal the fibers of woven filters, replace them more frequently.

  • Myth 5 : Routine maintenance is not necessary and is expensive

    Truth : Unrepaired minor problems can lead to very expensive repairs in the long run. Up to 80% of all air conditioning and heat pump compressor failures could be prevented if minor problems were inspected and fixed in the early stages.